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The Book

Business leaders face ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many in the business world are ill prepared to deal with the ethical dilemmas they inevitably face in business. The consequences are frequently reported in the news media, casting a negative light on all business.

Catholic business leaders in particular, operate in a world where they are constantly challenged to lead their associates while informing themselves on the rich social teachings of the Catholic Church. A Catechism for Business serves as a reference guide to those business leaders, providing them the sources of Catholic social teaching so they are better prepared to apply those principles in business and articulate them to colleagues.

Over the centuries, Catholic social doctrine has developed as the Church has responded to specific issues and questions. The result? A business leader must be familiar with a breadth of Church documents and teachings if he is to find the principles to guide him on a specific moral question. A Catechism for Business draws together the rich teachings of the Catholic Church as they relate to business, organized by topic and question.

  • Is it morally acceptable to minimize taxes using legal tax loopholes?
  • What is a just wage?
  • What is a just price?
  • Is it morally acceptable to pay bribes in cultures where they appear necessary to conduct business?

The business leader will not find the text to be an interpretation of Catholic social teaching on business. Rather, the catechism provides references to the relevant social teachings that address his specific question. It is up to him to prayerfully apply those principles to his specific situation.

This essential guide for any Catholic business leader was compiled and edited by Joseph E. Capizzi, Ph.D. and Andrew V. Abela, Ph.D. Dr. Capizzi is Associate Professor of Moral Theology at the Catholic University of America and teaches in the areas of social and political theology. Dr. Abela is Dean of the new School of Business & Economics at the Catholic University of America. The school’s mission is to provide students with the practical, theoretical and moral principles so badly needed in the modern business world.