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The Church's social teachings are a "best-kept secret" because they are often presented as answers without questions. Dr. Capizzi and Dean Abela have provided the questions, from the heart of the business enterprise, along with accurate but succinct responses from Catholic social doctrine. In their expert hands, the teaching has a chance to be heard.

                               Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago

Businessmen and theologians are like distant cousins, and often they’re just not on speaking terms. If anything can bring them into conversation, it’s this superb catechism, which achieves the minor miracle of being both erudite and readable.
                               John L. Allen Jr, Boston Globe 

Work is not only a necessary activity but a beautiful expression of our creative nature, and this book is a vital resource for anyone who wishes to align work -and the workplace- according to God's love and vision of the human person. Authors Abela and Capizzi do a great service to Christians in providing the most relevant Catholic teachings on the matters of labor, business, employment, wages, economic systems, and a myriad of related issues so relevant and so contentious in today's world.

Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus, and author, A Civilization of Love: What Every Catholic Can Do to Transform the World

This is a fantastic repository! It should be mandatory reading for any Catholic in business, and recommended reading for any non-Catholic interested in what the Church really teaches.

Patrick Lencioni, author of the Advantage and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Every Catholic CEO needs to read and study this book.

Tim Busch, CEO, Pacific Hospitality Group and Chairman, Napa Institute

A practical vade mecum for prompt consultation on fundamental ethical questions, with extensive sources for further reflection.

Camilla Borghese Khevenhiiller-Metsch, President and Managing Director,
lstituto Biochimico Italiano

Some say that in today's business world, leaders need to check their faith at the door. My own career experience indicates that every day provides the opportunity, with each personal interaction and with every business decision, to draw upon our moral compass formed by our faith. In my view, having A Catechism for Business as a ready reference of Catholic teaching regarding business ethics can help the busy executive stay well grounded, and also provide great insight, when dealing with particularly tough ethical issues. I applaud the efforts of Abela and Capizzi to make these important teachings of our faith readily available to business and governmental leaders.

Lawrence J. Blanford, President and CEO, Green Mountain
Coffee Roasters, Inc., (Retired)

Many of us in business never considered that the Church has much to say about how we operate our companies. In fact, as this book demonstrates, that's not at all true. In Abela and Capizzi's well organized and accessible book, we see clearly how much we were missing. The more we learn about what the social doctrine has to say about business, and the harder we work to apply those precepts in our professional lives, the stronger our companies become! So doing the right thing is also doing the smart thing: how could God arrange it any other way?

William H. Bowman, CEO, The Core Values Group LLC

Catholic social doctrine has grown into a vast field. This excellent handbook finds its way, through a series of key questions and answers, the questions being those that arise naturally in the course of a working day. This is the most useful book for a Catholic business manager that I have ever seen. It enables the reader to tap directly into the wisdom of the Church's magisterium.

Stratford Caldecott, editor, Second Spring, Research Fellow, St Benet's Hall,Oxford and author, The Radiance of Being.

This document is a real service to the business community and will prove to be an essential tool in the toolbox: a businessperson's secret weapon.

Dawn Carpenter, Senior Vice President, JPMorganChase

A Catechism For Business is an excellent source to reflect, and guide us through the challenging moral decisions that will affect every successful organization. It belongs in your resource library.

Lou DiCerbo, CW, ChFC, RFC, Chairman Emeritus, Round Table of New York

Profs. Abela and Capizzi have created a desperately needed resource for the business community. Our society completely neglects the Church's two thousand years of wisdom and guidance, particularly in the area of commerce where board room decisions are reduced to mere economic considerations. This book presents the Church's teaching on many specific areas of consideration in a concise and easily accessible format and is sure to have a much-needed impact on our morally impaired society.

Gellert Dornay, CEO, Axia Home Loans

Abela and Capizzi offer an inspired product: practical business advice based on sound Catholic teaching. A Catechism for Business is not a shortcut to successor to Heaven-but living your faith in your business life is sure to bear fruit, in this life and beyond.

Hon. Mike Ferguson, Member of Congress (2001-2009), CEO, Ferguson Strategies LLC

By framing Church teaching with a series of questions, Drs. Abela and Capizzi have produced an invaluable reference for Catholics seeking to intertwine their faith and work. Is it morally acceptable to bluff? Can we charge whatever price the market will bear? A Catechism for Business presents the relevant Church teaching to these and many other business questions in this well thought out and engaging book.

Sean Fieler, President, Equinox Partners, L.P.,

This book is pure gift to our age. It would not surprise me if it became a handbook for generations to come. It belongs in the briefcase, if not on the desk, of every serious Catholic, and perhaps even every serious Christian businessman and woman.

Brian Gail, former CEO and bestselling Catholic author

A Catechism for Business reminds us that, even as business leaders, we are standing on the shoulders of giants, participants in a great unfolding story of tradition, teaching and revelation. Dr. Abela and Dr. Capizzi have given us all an immeasurable blessing by compiling the business-specific works of the Church. A Catechism for Business will be my companion for years to come. Thank you!

Adam Gardiner, Founder and CVO, AdjusterPro

The increasingly secular focus of the governmental and business communities creates ongoing challenges for people of faith. Questions regarding morality, ethics and the consequences of business decisions and policies arise more regularly as outcomes affecting various stakeholders are considered. Drs. Abela and Capizzi and their researchers have unlocked and organized in a clear and concise format, Mother Church1s teachings on the most specific questions of business ethics and morality. Finally, a sorely needed reference and guidebook exists for Catholic and business leaders of all faiths who believe that ethically responsible business decisions and successful economic outcomes are not mutually exclusive concepts... an important message at a critical point in time.

Andrew Gatto, former CEO, Russ Berrie and Co.

Written from a Catholic perspective, rooted in profound biblical truths and centuries of Church experience, A Catechism for Business is not merely a guide for the Catholic business person, but can well serve all those who share a common desire to study, contemplate and internalize how best to serve humanity, regardless of their religious affiliation.

John Guevremont, Major, USMC (Retired)

Business Ethics is a hot topic, but the substance of what is discussed is usually vague and uninspired. Thankfully Abela and Capizzi, in their Catechism for Business, have set a new standard, combining insight, thoroughness, and recourse to the greatest treasury of moral thinking that exists in the world.

Frank Hanna, CEO, Hanna Capital, and author, What Your Money Means

A Catechism for Business is a valuable guide for business professionals at all levels who inevitably encounter situations that test their ability to navigate the waters of business ethics. I highly recommend this remarkable resource to businessmen and women who wish to grow in synch with the Church's wisdom and authority.

John J. Hunt, Executive Director, Legatus

This book is an invaluable resource for board members of non-profits. It is often the role of the board to counsel senior leadership on thorny issues of organizational direction and management. Basing that counsel on the wisdom of Catholic teaching is literally a Godsend.

J. Patrick Kearns, Chairman, Fulcrum Securities

Business schools frequently teach business ethics with a view that there are no right or wrong answers. Profs. Abela and Capizzi provide quotes from Church teaching to show that in ethics there is a right and wrong answer. This "Catechism'' belongs on every executive's credenza and an extra copy on the nightstand.

James Longon, Owner, HQ Global Workplaces

Finally, a consolidation of the Church's teachings organized in a way to help business leaders leverage the Church's wisdom as we think through the everyday issues we face. This is the most useful book on faith and business that I have ever seen.

Denis McFarlane, CEO, Infinitive

Dean Andrew Abela and Prof. Joe Capizzi allow us to participate in the Papal and Conciliar dialogue that has unfolded over the past century and a half regarding the conduct of Catholics in business and markets, a dialogue that has become all the more immediate given the globalization of the economy, and the ever increasing impact of markets on everyday life.

Michael J. Millette, Partner and Global Head of Structured Finance,
Goldman, Sachs & Co.

This is a brilliantly conceived and executed handbook. I imagine that it will be translated into many languages around the world. A Catechism for Business is the most practical handbook of Christian social teaching in relation to the vocation of persons in business ever produced.

Michael Novak, 1994 Templeton Laureate

A Catholic businessperson is faced daily with ethical questions regarding the formation, marketing and sale of his or her product. That businessperson may be surprised to learn, as I was, how much assistance can be received from the social teachings of the Church. Drs. Abela and Capizzi have provided a unique and substantial contribution to this discussion in A Catechism for Business. Those who remember the Baltimore Catechism appreciate how this mode of instruction was so important to us in learning our faith. Here, the authors use the same format to explore the Church's teachings on business ethics. A Catechism for Business is, at once, a thoughtful and enlightening "read" and a useful reference book for ethical considerations.

Stephen G. Peroutka, Founding and Managing Partner, Peroutka and Peroutka, P.A., radio talk show host, and founder, National Pro Life Radio

Those who study this Catechism attentively may have to rethink how they debate economic issues, and, more importantly, how they do business. They will understand why Catholic social teaching consistently points beyond "the binary logic of market-plus-state" (Caritas in Veritate). Professors Abela and Capizzi are to be congratulated for their thorough and responsible selection of texts.

David L. Schindler, Dean Emeritus and Gagnon Professor of Fundamental Theology, John Paul II Institute, The Catholic University of America, and author, Ordering Love: Liberal Societies and the Memory of God.

A tremendous guide for those who want to succeed in business and work ethically along the way, for use by Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Amy B. Smith, CEO, The Legacy Mission and former Vice President, Fortune 500 company

I suspect that many business people lead separate lives, with our faith in one box, and our business challenges in another. Abela and Capizzi's wonderful and authoritative book shows us how to integrate the two.

Russell Sparkes, Chief Investment Officer, Methodist Church of Britain, and author, Cardinal Manning and the birth of Catholic Social Teaching

Rather than the usual interpretations, Andrew Abela and Joe Capizzi offer business decision makers a very useful practical guide to the original documents of Catholic social teaching: on each ethical dilemma, as they arise in real life, they will bring you, not to any simple solution, but to a treasure of suggestions to enrich your own meditation. Perhaps not an easy track, but which puts you on Pope Francis' steps: "Business is a vocation, and a noble vocation, provided that those engaged in it see themselves challenged by a greater meaning in life" (Evangelii Gaudium, November 2013).

Domingo Sugranyes, President, Fondazione Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice

In A Catechism for Business, Andrew Abela and Joe Capizzi prove that it is possible to be successful in business and stay true to your beliefs. Drawing on Church teachings, this unique book is the perfect checkpoint to make sure you are on track-both in business and in faith. Anyone seeking guidance on how to successfully apply morality and ethics as a business leader will find these keen insights indispensable.

Mark Weber, President, NetApp U.S. Public Sector

Few are aware that Catholic leaders, particularly the popes, have presented profound insights on issues that have direct bearing upon the challenges that business people face today. Up to now, one would have to read thousands of pages of church documents to locate salient nuggets for advice on a particular moral question that a business person or policy maker faces. A Catechism for Business fills a critical need in today's complex world, where moral answers to questions are not always clear-cut. This well-organized and concise book is an absolute must for business people and policy makers 'in the trenches' as well as for academics, and even theologians, focused on the common good.

Luanne Zurlo, Founder and former President and Executive Director, WorldFund