The Catholic University of America

Finance and Investing


  1. Is it morally acceptable to make a profit?
  2. Is the main purpose of a business to make profit?
  3. Is it morally acceptable to seek to maximize profit in the sense of pursuing profit ahead of everything else?
  4. Do we have a moral obligation to protect the capital that is entrusted to us as investment in our business?
  5. What should we do if we face a choice between immoral activity and allowing a significant loss to the capital that was entrusted to us?
  6. How much of our own personal pro1ts should we be willing to sacrifice in order to avoid or reduce layoffs during an economic downturn?


  1. In deciding what capital investments to make, such as where to build a new manufacturing plant, should we take into account any other considerations beyond what is going to reap the most profit for the firm?
  2. Are there any moral considerations when deciding whether to focus on shorter- or longer-term issues in finance?


  1. Is it morally acceptable to minimize the amount of taxes our firm must pay through offshore tax havens or other loopholes in the tax code?