The Catholic University of America

International Business

  1. Is it morally acceptable to pay large tips, or bribes, in cultures where these appear to be required for conducting business
  2. May we subcontract our manufacturing to offshore manufacturers if there is some concern that they use child labor and/or maintain unsafe conditions for their workers?
  3. What should we do if the only way to remain competitive is to subcontract our manufacturing offshore to contractors who are known to provide unsafe conditions for their workers?
  4. To what extent should we focus our efforts on improving the lot of the workers we employ in developing countries, if this comes at the expense of our profits?
  5. May we open up a manufacturing plant in China, where our own managers will be involved in enforcing China’s “one child” policy (which includes the possibility of forced abortions)?
  6. What considerations should we address when marketing consumer goods in developing countries?